Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Pain is really relative. Everyone has a different tolerance to pain. Yes tattoos can hurt! It can be compared to a "hot scratching sensation". Remember though that you will have a piece of art that will be yours forever and this outweighs the small amount of discomfort you will endure getting your tattoo.

Can I use numbing cream?

We have our own numbing cream in the studio. It has been made especially for numbing the skin for tattooing. There are a few things you need to know before using the cream.

  1. Our cream needs to be applied to the skin and left to soak in for at least 45mins to 1 hour prior to tattooing.
  2. It can last up to 2 hours of tattooing. Although everyone is different and this time could vary on individual.
  3. After the numbing cream wears off the feeling of tattoo process can feel heightened due to the numbness wearing off. Some people find it intense and need to stop.
  4. For small tattoos we do not suggest using the numbing cream as they do not take long to tattoo and the pain is bearable without the need for numbing cream.

Please feel free to talk to your artist about our numbing cream and they will be more then happy to answer any questions you may have.

How much does it cost to get a tattoo?

When it comes to tattoos, you get what you pay for. Yes, there are plenty of people tattooing out there that will ink you cheap, and you'll be crying for a real artist to have it covered up. Look for quality, and be willing to pay for it.

NEVER haggle over the price of a tattoo. It is disrespectful to the artist. If you can't pay for quality, don't bother. This is not a bargain bin. It is a piece of art you will wear for life.

What should I get and where?

This you need to think about! We are here to help you turn YOUR ideas into a reality. But we need you to know a starting point! Whats cool to you could be completely different to what we think is cool.

You can choose a picture off google or Pinterest, or you can have our artists create a custom piece just for you. We love to give our clients a original tattoo and we can work with you to create this for you.

Your only limit is your own imagination. As far as where you should get it goes, just keep in mind what you do for work and the type of social circles you are in. You might want to consider placing your tattoo where it can be easily covered up with normal clothing.

What is the best time of year to get a tattoo?

Although you can get a tattoo any time of the year, your skin gets a lot more abuse during the summer with swimming, tanning and just being exposed to the elements more. Winter time is really the best season to get a tattoo.

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